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Couture Artisanale – Made with Love, Made to Last


True to the very meaning of its name, Coutart, which stands for Couture Artisanale, was born out of the desire to create sustainably made luxury leather products while elevating artisan craftsmanship. 


Minimalism meets Moroccan Heritage

Inspired by the beautiful artisan work we discovered traveling across Morocco, we saw an opportunity to create unique pieces with a contemporary take on traditional embroidery designs while honoring Moroccan artisan crafts that have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries.







Our bags are designed with versatility in mind, featuring a range of shades and a multitude of ways to wear them in order to take you from day to night and match your lifestyle, occasion and destination.



Quality & Sustainability

Carefully sourced high-quality and sustainable materials paired with timeless silhouettes ensure that our leather accessories are made
to last and can be worn for many seasons
to come.

Nomad Bag and Bandouliere


Our Mission

Artisan Empowerment and Cultural Heritage

We support and help preserve traditional Moroccan craftsmanship by partnering directly with independent artisan groups and small, family-run businesses – no middle man involved.  

Our limited edition bag straps, also known as bandoulières, are embroidered in our partner atelier in Casablanca and feature geometric and floral patterns that are deeply rooted in Moroccan culture.


To minimize our environmental impact and carbon footprint, our bags are exclusively made of vegetable tanned leather hides that are locally sourced in Morocco. The tanning process, which has been used by Moroccan leather artisans for hundreds of years, takes several weeks and is performed by our trusted artisan partners in Marrakesh using natural tannins such as tree bark, leaves and plant extracts. The result: rich natural colors and a high quality leather that ages beautifully. Our leather is certified by an independent lab to be free of harmful chemical Chrome VI.

Thoughtful Design and Craftsmanship

Our bags are handcrafted in our partner atelier in Marrakesh where we collaborate with some of the best leather artisans in the area, many of whom are women. We pay attention to all the little details that go into making a great bag and give our artisan partners the time they need to create quality pieces.

Custom made leather from the highest quality hides, sustainable and long-lasting craftsmanship, signature colors, reinforced seams, Italian hardware and smart inner storage ensure our bags hold all your necessities, travel well and can be worn for many seasons to come.


Coutart Inc. is a U.S. based company registered in Delaware.

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